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Here at The Town Hall, we provide spaces for community events, family gatherings, weddings, concerts, and political events. In addition, we help new and existing small-businesses by providing space and support to help your business develop and grow.


Town Hall Meeting Room

211 S. Main Yates Center

All Entry Fees will be a donation

Registration 1:00

Cards Fly at 1:30

Entry Fee $30=$4,000 chips starting

Unlimited $30 re-buys until 1st break

Add-on $2,000 chips for $10 at 1st break

$5 Bounty chip incl with original buy-in goes to person who takes you out

Breaks every 80 minutes

Tables and positions will be selected by draw

One dealer per table

No food or drink at tables

Blinds will start at $25-$50 and will go up after 20 minutes

Chili supper available for players

Must be 18 to participate

Stay Strong Stay Healthy

Join us to build the strength you need to enjoy good health as you age. Stay Strong Stay Healthy begins March 7th and will run through April 27th in the dining room at Town Hall. This 8 week class will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will help with flexibility, balance and strength.  Contact Hollie Yoho at the Southwind Extension office to reserve your spot, 620-625-8620. Class size is limited.  There is a $20.00 fee for the course.

T-Mobile was so generous to us.  We needed waterproofing badly and we were able to fix the issues with their help and grant!  We can't thank them enough!

If you haven't been in yet, stop by sometime to see the wonderful improvements we were able to make in the kitchen!

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