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Here at The Town Hall, we provide spaces for community events, family gatherings, weddings, concerts, and political events. In addition, we help new and existing small-businesses by providing space and support to help your business develop and grow.

Please join us in welcoming another business!

Back to Wellness

has moved into the Town Hall!  We are happy to have Jessica Murray set up and ready to help you feel your best with many types of massage therapy.  

Mark your calendars for

Town Hall will have a youth theatre this summer and they will be presenting
A History of early
Woodson County 
July 8, 2023.

T-Mobile was so generous to us.  We needed waterproofing badly and we were able to fix the issues with their help and grant!  We can't thank them enough!

If you haven't been in yet, stop by sometime to see the wonderful improvements we were able to make in the kitchen!

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