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The Town Hall's Welcome,

A not-for-profit organization, The Town Hall, was founded by Janet Brilke and Mike McCullough in November 2017. We decided to start this organization because we loved the beautiful building, and knew there was a need in the community. With help from many friends, family, and community members we were able to start this new adventure. 

The Town Hall has something for everyone. If your a new or existing small business, we provide space and support to help your business survive and grow. For families looking to host events such as reunions, birthday parties, weddings, and funerals we have the space and resources for that too. Maybe your just looking for something to do in Yates Center, well we provide events and activities throughout the year for your enjoyment. The Town Hall can help meet all your needs. 


The Town Hall is a community gathering place. We are opening to ideas and suggestions to help make this a better organization for all. If you have any tips on things we can do, or would like to help out please contact us


Janet Brilke and Mike McCullough

Our Board Members

Connie Schmidt

Cynthia Dvorachek

Kathe Hamman

Monja Barney

Laura Baker

Janet Brilke

Mike McCullough

How to get Involved

We are always looking for eager and energetic people to join our organization.  Do you have a special skill or talent you would like to share with the community? Would you like to volunteer some time helping out at the Tradewinds Flea Market? Please contact us with your thoughts and ideas. 

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